Sure, I'd love to meet your book club.  MURDER IN ITALY (Penguin/Berkley Books) is priced just right at $7.99. Slip it into your purse or beach bag. Bring it to your club.

This is Eat, Pray Love, gone terribly wrong. Under the Tuscan Sun on the dark side.

John Grisham couldn't invent this cast of characters or plot. MURDER IN ITALY is a real-life Italian murder mystery, a true crime book, and an Italian travel book.

Two beautiful young women begin an Italian adventure, as many of us long to do. British student Meredith Kercher is stabbed to death. Her American roommate Amanda Knox is convicted of the crime,  accused by prosecutor Giuliano Mignini of conspiring with her wealthy Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, and drifter Rudy Guede to murder Meredith. Is Amanda Knox a "she devil" and criminal mastermind? Or could she be innocent?

*MURDER IN ITALY is perfect for anybody who's ever dreamed of Italy, been a parent, a student or gone abroad. This is a must-read for true crime buffs.

  • A paperback with photos of Meredith, Amanda and their circle of friends.
  • Sized to slip inside your purse or beach bag.
  • Only $7.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, IndieBooks and independent bookstores everywhere.

I'm Candace Dempsey, the  award-winning, Italian-American author of MURDER IN ITALY (Penguin/Berkley Books), the fascinating true story of fresh-faced Amanda Knox, the American honor student whose December 2009 conviction for murdering her dazzling British roommate Meredith Kercher in a seemingly idyllic Italian hilltop town. 

I've been writing about the Amanda Knox case since it began in November 2007 on my blog, hosted by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and read around the world. 

I'm the only author to cover this extraordinary murder case both from Knox's hometown of Seattle and the college town of Perugia, Italy. I've reported on the case for CNN Headline News, KOMO News (ABC's Seattle affiliate), Italian television, and the British documentary "The Trials of Amanda Knox." My blog has been featured on CNN Anderson Cooper 360, and Corriere Della Sera.


I'm happy to speak to your club on speaker phone, Skype or even in person if you catch me on the right day! I'm based in Seattle but often on the road. Please email me now before my schedule fills up.

My editor tells me I had enough information for eight books. I'd love to share my secrets and insights with you.