Take a trip around the world with me

Check out my top travel stories, including those collected in lovely anthologies. Amazon.com says of my writing in Travelers' Tales: A Woman's Passion for Travel:

"The writers — including Frances Mayes, Anne Lamott, Pam Houston, Jo Ann Beard, Candace Dempsey and Ann Jones — travel with such evocative attentiveness that the reader is brought along every vivid step of the way."

New York Times: A Lost Child Rescues Himself
"When my son, Jacob, was 5 years old, I dropped him off at a Seattle ..."

A Primate Tour of Uganda
"The brawny mountain gorilla we call “Silverback”—a dominant male with gray
streaks in his thick brown fur—treats our camera-toting, eight-member trekking group with various degrees of tolerance ..."

Travelers' Tales: Girl Kayak Guides of Juneau
"If I were in Juneau now, I'd be taking a nap. Naps are a very Juneau ... "

Seal Press: Alone again: in the West
"I never went anywhere as a child, all because of a pig house my mother had burned down. She'd grown up in Idaho and ..."

Passionfruit: Our Lady of Electricity: Turkey
We were in deep need of divine intervention the day we climbed the dirt road to the House of the Virgin Mary, but didn't ..."

MSN UnderWire: Spooked in London.
In Africa the air had smelled of dust, dry weeds and wild flowers ..."

Passionfruit: A Restless Night on the Mohave "I hadn't planned to wear a hot pink T-shirt that said 'Ciao, America' the first time I sauntered into a bar alone ... 

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