My most delicious stories

My Italian grandmother, swathed in a black bib apron, started my cooking lessons. I couldn't actually talk to her, because she didn't speak English, so it was literally a trial by fire. 
My favorite eating buddy is my son. Here he is in Sienna, Italy, pretending to crave a Big Mac.

I've interviewed many food celebs, from the Barefoot Contessa to Peter Mayle of A Year in Provence, one of the most charming people I have ever met. Like him, I'm a great audience for food. Click on the link below to get his risotto recipe.

Peter Mayle at the Pike Place Market
"Hold onto your forks. We're about to head into Seattle's famous market, where Peter will show us how to assemble a Provencal lunch-, complete with recipes ... "

Mystery writer Earl Emerson: gumshoe cuisine. "'Thomas Black eats where I eat,' says this famous mystery writer, describing his chief detective. 'We have exactly the same taste and ..."

Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa. Got Martha Stewart coming over for dinner? Find out what to serve her.

Ruth Reichl, dining in disguise.  Meet a foodie so famous that she once sneaked into restaurants concealed in blond wigs, thrift-store clothes and ...

Betty Fussell, author of Kitchen Wars. How to disguise cooking disasters and wrestle with de-boned squabs, tricky doughs and pots of the finest cream.